Chat Room Etiquette

Before joining the chatroom please read the following
  • Do not whisper staff with out asking first
  • Do not repeat the same question over and over. If no one answers then no one is currently active
  • No Racism / Homophobia / Hate speech
  • No adult pictures, anything deemed adult should have the tag NSFW before the link. DO NOT USE BBCODE ON ADULT LINKS & PICTURES
  • Do not be rude
  • Normal users are not permitted to post external links with out asking first
  • Staff might not always be right but they have the power to remove you instantly from the chatroom and site. If you disagree make your point politely
  • Site Moderators can help you just as well as Admins. Unless you have a problem with a staff member then they should be the first port of call
  • All communication on 1337x is in English only, If you have to talk to someone in another language then do it by private message / whisper
  • Please do not use all caps or SHOUT in your posts
  • Do not chastise newbies (We were all n00b's once)
  • Do not post your personal info in chat. Examples are facebook, whatsapp, name, address, bank account or the GPS coordinates to your house
  • Flame wars should be taken elsewhere. Flame wars are when two or more people write nasty messages to each other with no other purpose than to put each other down
  • No harassment of any kind of other members. If you are harassed in whispers please try to ignore the offending user by clicking the persons name, then click ignore. Staff can only act based on what they see in the main room. They can't see the whispers you can take screen shot and send it to an active staff member
Users colors are based on their rank on the website.

Admin = Black, Moderator = Green, VIP = Blue, Uploader = Orange, Trial Uploader = Red, Member = Grey

You may join the chat-room by clicking here